Sana Kazi

Sleep Transit I (Transition Series)
Gouache and ash on wasli
41×52 inches

The surreal monochromatic artworks created by Sana Kazi lead one into an indefinite world, where the boundaries blur spreading into a limitless space. She never wishes to assert definitely as to what she is working on, for to define is to limit, confining to think further the peripheries created within. To break the controlled environment and to fall into the realm of illusions, she explores with mediums of ash, dust and cement. The strenuous process of applying and erasing and then reapplying, creates the layers of struggling against or working with the various dogmas laid before us. In her works she is constantly fighting for the truth, or ‘dangerously’ enough the untrue and uncertainty, resulting in sifting out the honest realities, as everything originates out of its opposite, light from dark, generous deed out of selfishness and truth out of deception.
In her Transition Series, Kazi creates delusions of sleep, an outcome of wakefulness. But then she questions the origin, as things of a higher value may have an origin of their own that is not rooted in this paltry world but some existence in the parallel world. Kazi states, ‘However to at least enjoy a healthier—sleep, we whose duty is wakefulness itself, in this process, must at length converse with the dogmatist’s error and dwell well within ourselves to find our household items too short and understand the internal uncertainty which is the same as the uncertainty of the external.’
Kazi completed her MA in Visual Arts with honors from National College of Arts, Lahore in 2012 after receiving BFA from the same university. Currently, she is Associate Professor at the National College of Arts, Lahore and writes reviews for The News International.

Photo Courtesy | Sana Kazi